Our Facility

One of the Largest Landing Gear Facilities in the World

150,000 SQFT Facility with state-of-the-art plating lines, paint systems, and processes.

Our facilities

Creating a New Standard

What makes us different – Low Beyond Economical Repairs (BER) Rates, No Out-of-Scope, no hidden fees. We pride ourselves in being transparent and open with our clients.

Innovative Landing Gear Facility

Our newly redesigned floor plan includes one of the most innovative and efficient workflow patterns in the industry. Designed and implemented to support up to 200 landing gear ship set overhauls per year.

Trusted by leading airline partners across the globe.

Full-Service Overhaul Capabilities

Aerospace Rotables invested in critical areas of the landing gear overhaul process to reduce customer Turn Around Times and to control landing gear scrap rates. Our facility provides a state-of-the art plating capability and CNC controlled machining, with I.D. and O.D. grinding lathes, capable of handling all wide and narrow body aircraft applications.


Chemical Laboratory

Shot Peening





We are certified to ISO 9001:2016 and FAA TAC 2016 quality. FAA REPAIR STATION #:1ZJYVCLA

It’s time to keep your airline on budget and off the ground.

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02 Constant Communication

Receive weekly, transparent, straightforward reports on the status of your project.

03 Promised Delivered

Expect an on-time delivery and cost savings from a provider who shares your sense of urgency.

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You can avoid unnecessary days spent on the ground and instead discover a long-term, trustworthy partner for landing gear overhauls who is truly committed to cost savings, safety, and immaculate results.


Our in house plating capabilities encompasses deep and shallow tanks for wide body and narrow body Landing gear. Specialized processes such as out of tank plating and special anode technology has placed us among the best in producing the highest quality product.

Our plating process includes:

  • Sulfurmate Nickel
  • Low Equilibrium Cadmium (LHE)
  • Alodine
  • Passivate
  • Hard Chrome

Chemical Laboratory

Our complete in house chemical and material mechanical testing laboratories insures the optimum quality of our products, a process that most major overhaul facilities and OEM’s source out for testing such as: Boeing Porosity Meter, Failure Analysis, Metalurgical Analysis, Knotch Tensile. Adhesion, Salt Spray

Shot Peening

Specialized equipment for internal and external diameters that drive steel shot at high impact speeds to ensure that compressive stresses are replaced on our overhaul parts thus preventing fatigue cracking due to the extreme stresses that landing gears are subjected to.


Aerospace Rotables & Seman-Peru machining is performed with specialized internal and external grinders in combination with boring mills, lathes, CNC machines and vertical mills with narrow body and wide body capacity provided by SEMAN.



Equipment and tooling to ensure complete crack detection with our specialized Level III personnel and state of the art equipment ranging from magnetic particle, fluorescent penetrate, x-ray, eddie current and ultrasonic


Multiple inspections with specialized SEMAN and Aerospace Rotables personnel results in restoring parts to OEM tolerances to maximize gear life cycles.