Landing Gear Overhaul Service

Boeing 737NG & 737CL
Landing Gear Overhaul Service

Your end-to-end AOG Support for Boeing 737NG & 737CL



Landing gear ship sets available for purchase.


Assets on hand for landing gear exchange requirements.


Landing gear assets in stock and available for loan or lease programs.


Years of landing gear upgrade modification experience and parts to complete the process.

Landing Gear Overhaul Boeing 737 Systems — Aimed to Reduce Your AOG

Aerospace Rotables is the leading landing gear overhaul service provider of Boeing 737 fleets worldwide. We manufacture and supply parts with the highest quality standards, on-time deliveries and highly competitive prices compared to any other manufacturer.

Our team of skilled engineers, technicians and supporting professionals makes us one of the most consistent reliable landing gear service providers.

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Why Aerospace Rotables

150K Square Foot Facility
One of the world’s largest facilities for maintaining Boeing 747 landing gear.

100% In-House Overhauls

Full Plating Line, NDT Level III, and Machine Shop. We control all turn-times and costs.

Low B.E.R All-Inclusive Overhauls

We repair Boeing 747 parts the competition deems BER. If your part can be saved, we will process it, at no additional cost.

Best Industry Pricing

Our clients average a savings of 20-30%. No hidden fees or special processing costs.

Boeing 737 Landing Gear Specialists

Boeing landing gear overhauls are a complicated process to master. Our US Team in Peru has been plating, grinding, and approving landing gears for over 150 years combined.

This knowledge allows us to save our customers both time and money, while providing innovative solutions to their landing system requirements.

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New Business? Let's Talk.

Speak with our team to find an available solution for your aircraft. We will process your RFP as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can avoid unnecessary days spent on the ground and instead discover a long-term, trustworthy partner for landing gear overhauls who is truly committed to cost savings, safety, and immaculate results.

Trusted by leading airline partners across the globe.